How to make talismans to attract money with your own hands

Coins to attract money

There are such talismans that attract luck, wealth and money to the house. Let's learn how to make talismans to attract money with your own hands.

How to catch the wave of cash flow

The simplest talisman is considered an unchanging glow. Take the largest amount of money because the greater its value, the more money will be magnetized in your wallet.

A good option is a bill from a bargain or donated together with a wallet.

  • First put the money on the windowsill in the growing moon for the whole night, let it absorb the energy of the moon growth.
  • Then put it in your wallet, not to be confused with other money, because you will never spend it even if you are completely out of money.
  • Put it where you can see it all the time. Always carry it in your wallet.

Encrypted banknote

Find a banknote in your salary where the cipher and code at least partially match the first letters of your name and your date of birth. Next, charge the banknote by performing a special ritual:

  • Brush it with bergamot oil.
  • Make a neat tube out of it.
  • Tie together with green thread and knot the ends three times.
  • Put a sprig of dry sage inside.
  • Seal both sides with green wax. Wax can be painted independently, for example, with a drop of brilliant green.
  • Safely hide the created talisman and do not show it to anyone, do not talk about it. Envious will diminish his power.

wonder bag

In order not to have to patch holes in the budget, sew a purse.

  1. On Thursday, take a small piece of fabric, preferably red.
  2. Sew a small pocket onto your hands.
  3. Put money in it, ranging from a penny to a ruble.
  4. Fill it up constantly.
  5. Drizzle with eucalyptus oil.
  6. When the bag is full, tie it with red thread and keep it away from prying eyes.
  7. Then, every week, take out this talisman, hold it in your hands without opening it, so that it is powered by your energy and money, good luck and happiness bring it to you.

The coin found is an effective way to attract money

When you find a coin (except for an intersection), perform a simple ritual:

  • Light a candle at midnight of the waxing moon (preferably Thursday).
  • Say the following words 7 times: "I will speak a coin, I will attract my luck. The rest of the way to me will find itself and come. My words are strong, burned by fire but strengthened by faith!
  • After these words, let the candle burn out.
  • Always carry the coin with you in your wallet.

Plants to attract money

Money tree as a talisman of well-being

Even the old people tried to increase their wealth. The Slavs used various herbal remedies:

  • Cinammon;
  • Ginger;
  • dry eucalyptus leaves;
  • pine needles.

They took them in equal amounts, put them in a linen bag and always carried them with them. Falling asleep in a bag, they read a plot to attract money and thought about how their bag was filled. Also, embroidery was not done simply, but to attract wealth and fame. The precious amulet was only tied with a green thread.

If you decide to make a simple grass talisman, place it near the workplace, but away from prying eyes. Burn it after a year and then make a new one.

Mouse in wallet

Mice for good luck

It turns out that among the ancient Slavs, the mouse was associated with luxury, an abundance of money. Today, many have a stone, metal, or wooden mouse figurine in their wallet or pocket.

It is believed to attract money, protect against theft and big expenses, and also promote career advancement.

Black pepper charm

Make a money amulet when going to a meeting where a major financial issue will be resolved, as well as when drawing a lottery ticket:

  • On a white piece of paper, write down the amount that should come to you.
  • Place a jar on the window you want the moonlight to fall on and hold it under the moon.
  • Then bend the sheet three times and place it in a jar saturated with lunar energy.
  • Pour black pepper into the jar, close the lid and hide from prying eyes.
  • Before an important event, shake the jar with your left hand and think about the profit you will receive.

Amulet of Threads

homemade amulets for money from threads

To attract money, you can make a talisman from multi-colored cotton or wool threads. To create a money bracelet, take three colors - blue, green, red.

Blue color is a symbol of the fulfillment of desires, green - an increase in finances, and red - protects you from all sorts of risks. Weave them in a pigtail, tie the ends and cut off all the excess. Wear the bracelet on your left wrist or left ankle.

The effective sign is a money ball. Take a bill or a coin, tie it exactly in the middle 6-7 times with green or red threads and fasten the ends well. Your money will grow, and you will not be afraid of the evil eye and damage.

Dollars for luck, money and luck

Watch the video to make a dollar talisman. If you have a dollar, you can start crafting a magic item right away.

Why do these banknotes have a strong effect on attracting money? It's all about the powerful symbol on the back of the dollar.

A bill folded into a triangle must be carried in a wallet. So let's get started!

Wait for the waxing moon and start making a dollar talisman.

  1. Fold the dollar in half to get the main line.
  2. Place the bill with Washington's face up.
  3. Bend the upper left corner so that its corner is on the line.
  4. Next, fold the bottom left corner to match the top corner.
  5. Bend the right side of the money diagonally so the pyramid is on top.
  6. Wrap the remaining piece and then stuff it inside.

In order for the money magnet to have greater power, hold it in your hand so that the top of the pyramid is pointing upwards. Bring the product to your lips, whisper the spell three times:

"As a strong river attracts brooks and the sea attracts strong rivers, as a woman attracts a man and a man attracts a woman, as night attracts day and day attracts night, so would you dress like you. may it be so! "

Place the bill in the back of your wallet, facing you, with the top of the pyramid facing up. Never take it out, don't open it, don't show it to anyone. Your financial situation will improve very soon.

Coin Talisman

Lucky Coin Talisman
  • Wait for the arrival of the lunar days from 1 to 15 days.
  • Take 12 identical coins, nickels are better, shake them in your hands at exactly midnight and scatter them on the table.
  • Remove those that fell off "tails".
  • Shake and remove unnecessary coins in this way until a coin remains with the "eagle" facing up.
  • Cut 2 triangles out of thick cardboard and cut a small round hole in the middle of each.
  • Place the coin between the triangles so that it is visible on both sides of the hole.
  • Then tape them tightly around the edges.
  • Hold the item in your hands and call upon invisible guardians.

In order for a triangle with a lucky coin to bring good luck, carry it in a pocket, handbag.